Tips: How To Rise Above Your Troubles

If your happiness is dampened by worrying about problems, what can you do? Is there a way to rise above your worries to a point where you can do something to handle your problems?
Yes, there is. 

“Here is an exercise to do to rise above your problems.  This is so fabulous a truth that difficulties of your own have a tendency to at least drop down and become far less if you do this.

“You say, ‘Let’s see, what are my troubles? What difficulties am I having?’

“Write them down; make a list of them. ‘I’m obsessed with the idea that the landlord is going to evict me at any moment and…’

“You don’t even have to go and talk to the landlord. It’s an oddity. The reality of having some cash to pay him with is very nice. But when you don’t have the cash, there’s no use worrying about it too. It’s one thing to be arrested and it’s another thing to worry about being arrested and be upset because you’re arrested. If you’re arrested, you’re arrested. Why worry about it too?

“Make a list of the little problems and then read them over. Read the first one that you wrote down and just say to yourself, ‘Now how am I going to tackle this?’

“That’s kind of a communication to it.

“You say, ‘Now, how am I going to tackle that? Well I’ll do so-and-so and so-and-so.’

“Go to your next problem, ‘How am I going to tackle that? Well, I’ll do so-and-so and so-and-so.’

“And you go down to the next one, ‘How am I going to tackle that one?’ Zong, zong, zong.

“Now you go back to that first problem again and say, ‘How am I going to tackle that now?’

“Get the way you are sort of phrasing it to yourself, ‘How am I going to tackle that problem? How am I going to approach it?’ In other words, ‘How am I going to communicate with the problem itself?’ And you find the darnedest things happen. It’s fabulous!

“For example, you say, ‘Here we are and my mother-in-law comes to visit us every weekend. I can’t face another one.’ Worry, worry, worry, worry, worry.

“Just write that down so you won’t forget it and start tackling some other problem.

“Okay, now you say, ‘Mother-in-law visiting me every weekend, that’s the problem. All right. Now how am I going to tackle that problem?’

“And another thing you can do is write next to the problem, ‘Problems of comparable magnitude (problems just as big).’  For example, you put down a problem of comparable magnitude to mother-in-law coming over the weekend:

“‘Let’s see, England swallowed up in an earthquake.

“The funny part of it is, after you have occasionally answered the question, something will happen to the situation. You’re really not looking at mysticism or necromancy or good luck charms. It’s just the fact you’re communicating in that direction. And if you communicate in that direction, your sphere of influence increases in that direction. And things start to work better in that direction. It’s easy as that.

“Because you might get awfully short of problems – having now a nice mechanism to solve them – make sure that when you have gone down the list once, you write up another list of problems of comparable magnitude that you might have.

“What do you do now?  You just sit down and you think of all the problems you’ve got and you just make a list of them.  And then you go over that list and you say, ‘How am I going to tackle those problems?  Now how am I going to tackle this problem?’  And get an answer of some kind or another.  ’How am I going to tackle this problem?’ Get an answer of some kind.  ’I'm going to tackle this one.’  Put an answer into that one.  When you’ve got the whole list done, go over it again, ‘How am I going to tackle this first one now?’  You’d be surprised what happens.

“It may be that you have to keep asking yourself, ‘How am I going to tackle that first one?’ several times.

After you have got that list all done, move it over one more and make a third column, a new set of problems of comparable magnitude.

“You are going to stop worrying – that’s all.”
L. Ron Hubbard

From the course How To Get Motivated





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