Testimonial: Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life Course

Here is an amazing win from a lady who completed the Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life course:

“Before this course I was suffering a lot as I had a roller coaster of emotions, fear, intimidation, anger and discouragement. I felt like I was a failure, like there was no way out.

“I also suffered physically: I had constant headaches, stomach pains and difficulty sleeping. I couldn’t stand any sort of pressure, whether at home or at work.

“Decision making was the most difficult thing to do. I felt like I would succumb with it all.

“Now I feel great! I am in control of my life!

“I have already made some drastic/remarkable changes that have made me feel happy. I am happier and well now.

“Thank you everyone at the mission. You are life savers. Keep up the good work.”

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