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What Is Dianetics? (Part 2)

Now, a true science not only recognizes the problems in its field, it offers a method for their solution. As a true science, Dianetics has evolved a method for recognizing and solving its particular problems. The method is known as Dianetic processing. The mode is reverie. The solution is the erasure of those recordings which, when restimulated, cause reactive behavior in the human being. The individual whose reactive mind bank no longer contains any unerased incident is known in Dianetic terminology as a Clear.

What Is Dianetics? (Part One)

An article by L Ron Hubbard.

“… The stumbling block, Dianetics proved after twelve years of experimentation, is the fact that we are also the possessors of another mind, a reactive mind, which has far greater force and compulsion upon us than the so-called analytical mind. In fact, when brought into play, the reactive mind can and does overpower the analytical mind. Worse, the reactive mind badgers and bedevils us throughout our entire life span.”