Tools For The Workplace booklet

Tools For The Workplace – Scientology Handbook Booklet


Work occupies seven-tenths of our lives. It determines our ability to support our dependants and ourselves, establishes our quality of life and, to a large degree, accounts for our happiness. Given that work plays a large role in our lives, it is not surprising that the laws that govern life also govern work.

There are fundamental laws and a series of principles and techniques that anyone can apply to achieve success at work. Here is the answer to holding a job, a means to increase productivity and how to make one’s work more focused and rewarding.

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Plummeting productivity, massive layoffs, sour relations between management and labour  executive incompetence and dishonest business dealings all plague the workplace. It is small wonder that the act of work is a source of stress and anxiety for millions.

How to increase job efficiency and productivity, how to handle upsets and confusion in the workplace and how to overcome exhaustion are all matters that concern both the labourer and the manager. Their resolution would bring about not only greater security but greater satisfaction.

This booklet contains some of the wide array of principles and techniques L. Ron Hubbard developed for application in the workplace. Work not only can be both rewarding and fulfilling, but as the major activity in most of our lives, it should be. Utilization of this information will help you make it just that.