Dynamics of Existence booklet

The Dynamics Of Existence – Scientology Handbook Booklet


Here are the eight urges toward survival or “dynamics” which make up life itself.

By understanding these, the tangles of life unravel and you can gain control once again.

With the information contained in this booklet you will learn how to balance your personal goals with your family, work and every other part of your life.

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For millennia, Man has attempted to assess his place in this material world. How should he relate to the rest of life, and to his fellows? What are his true responsibilities, and to whom?

There were no definitive answers—not from the ancient Greeks, nor from the materialist thinkers of recent times.

And so it remained until L. Ron Hubbard realized his long sought-after goal: the discovery of a unifying principle that applied to all life, a common denominator by which all men and, indeed, all life, might be understood.

From this came a flood of discoveries that cast new light on the nature of man and life.

The principles in this booklet help one solve the ancient moral dilemma of right and wrong and bring about a new level of rationality. With them, one can align the various factors of existence, the right decisions when faced with choices and achieve a new perspective on the directions available in his life.

Mr. Hubbard expanded upon these principles in many other writings and lectures. But this booklet represents the essence of the subject and a practical approach to living successfully, used by millions.

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