Cause of Suppression

The Cause of Suppression – Scientology Handbook Booklet


If you have experienced a roller coaster of emotion or ups and downs in your life, someone around you could be suppressing you.

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Why are some people ill more often than others? Why are some accident-prone? And is there a reason others live their lives on an emotional see-saw, doing well one day and badly the next?

There is an explanation, and it has nothing to do with the gods, fate or the position of the stars. In fact, the actual reason behind these phenomena – and their resolution – has been explained in Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard was able to see through the complexities of human behaviour and discover the underlying factors which explain the phenomenon of suppression in people – for it is suppression by others that causes these seemingly haphazard events.

In the excerpts from his writings in this booklet, you will find out:

  • How to recognise people who wish you ill and those who should be your friends.
  • Why some people do poorly in life and how you can help them regain their well-being.
  • You’ll learn about the mechanics behind this destructive yet commonplace situation and ways to counteract it.

It is data that could actually change your life tangibly and instantly, just as it has changed the lives of others.

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