Personal Efficiency Course


Here is the means to new ability and lasting security in the workplace – all from application of Scientology to the workaday world with The Problems of Work by L. Ron Hubbard.

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Product Description

The course consists of a series of short videos covering each of the major principles being taught, together with group discussion periods where you can give and hear examples of how these principles apply in real life. It is delivered all in one afternoon or evening, and takes two and a half hours in total. In addition to this, each student must complete an Oxford Capacity Analysis before the course (you can do this online here), and at the end of the course a trained specialist will give you a one on one interview to go over the results of the test and look at how you can use Scientology to improve the aspects which are letting you down.

The videos are all based on the bestselling book ‘The Problems of Work’ by L Ron Hubbard. You will receive a free copy of the book as part of the course, and you should refer to this at home for a more in-depth discussion of the principles covered in the videos.

The course currently runs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, starting at 7:00pm, at the Mission in Poole. Please aim to arrive between 6:30 and 6:45pm for registration and refreshments, and expect to leave between 10:00 and 10:30pm.  If these times do not suit you, please contact us to discuss a more convenient day and time.

You will need to have completed an Oxford Capacity Analysis before starting the course. This usually takes about half an hour to complete, so if you have not done one, then please leave plenty of time to do this. Alternatively, you can complete the test online before you arrive.