New Slant on Life

New Slant On Life Extension Course


In this companion course to the book New Slant On Life (a copy is included with the course) you will learn the essentials for living, real solutions that work in the here and now, truths to consult again and again.

Product Description

The materials of Scientology comprise the greatest accumulation of knowledge ever assembled on the mind, spirit and life. Through more than a hundred books and publications, thousands more articles and essays, and over 3,000 recorded lectures, the works of L. Ron Hubbard embrace virtually every aspect of living.

Here, then, is Scientology: A New Slant on Life, containing a timeless selection of Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries.

Here are the answers to questions Man has sought through the ages; here are practical answers you hoped could be found somewhere; here are answers that work.

  • Is It Possible to Be Happy?
  • Personal Integrity
  • Man’s Search for His Soul
  • On Our Efforts for Immortality
  • The Eight Dynamics that comprise life itself
  • The Affinity, Reality and Communication Triangle providing the components for interpersonal relationships
  • Handling the Confusions of the Workaday World
  • Marriage
  • How to Live with Children
  • What Is Greatness?
  • The Two Rules for Happy Living
  • Anti-Social and Social Personalities
  • The Third Party Law revealing the cause of conflict
  • Honesty and Ethics
  • My Philosophy, L. Ron Hubbard’s personal statement on what motivated his life’s work and the quest for Scientology

Here, then, are essentials for living, real solutions that work in the here and now, truths to consult again and again.

The Extension Course is the companion to your study of New Slant On Life, and is expressly designed to accelerate your progress and ensure your full understanding and ability to apply the senior principles contained therein.

You will receive a course workbook containing lessons on the fundamental knowledge of Scientology as covered in each chapter. After reading each chapter, you will answer the questions of the lesson for that chapter, and send in the lesson by e-mail or post.

Thus lesson by lesson, section by section, you will be guided through an introduction to Scientology by a trained Extension Courses Director.

As a result, you will have a full grasp of every key principle.You will be able to use this knowledge and the practical tools learned on the course to be more effective, more successful and happier— in all areas of life.



The enrolment fee for the New Slant On Life Extension Course includes the course workbook with answer sheets, a paperback copy of the New Slant On Life book, as well as the course itself, a service delivered by the Church of Scientology Bournemouth.