Communication – Scientology Handbook Booklet


“A man is as dead as he can’t communicate.  He is as alive as he can communicate.” L. Ron Hubbard

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Communication skills are essential in any sphere of human interaction.  In fact, when al is said and done, on whatever level, communication is the sole activity all people share.

The benefits of effective communication are too numerous to list, for they enhance all aspects of life from the personal to the professional.  The ability to communicate is vital to the success of any endeavour.

In this booklet you will learn what good communication consists of and how to recognise the bad, what the component parts of communication are and how to utilize them, and why more communication, not less, brings the individual greater freedom.

Also included in this booklet are numerous drills that Mr Hubbard developed which improve one’s communication level and have great practical application to life.  A thorough understanding of this data will provide you with tools you can use forever.

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