Life Improvement Courses

Life Improvement Courses


Scientology Life Improvement Courses

SCIENTOLOGY LIFE IMPROVEMENT Courses are uniquely effective because they contain the truly important data on subjects of pressing concern in life. In matters of relationships, personal motivation, marriage, children, honesty and others, a mountain of information is available. But which is the vital data? What knowledge must you have to actually live better?

In L. Ron Hubbard’s decades of research, he isolated the senior data of life and living. The knowledge in Scientology Life Improvement Courses is drawn from these discoveries. These courses give you the key facts and tools to help you succeed in many different areas of life.

What Courses Can I Do?

There are twenty courses altogether covering many areas of life, but they group into the five main categories shown below. You can do any of the courses in any order (although all the finance courses have ‘Formulas for Living’ as a prerequisite).

Ethics and Survival

Goals and Purposes

Survival and Prosperity