Public Speaking Program

Talk at a Southampton Dental Practice

Talk at a Southampton Dental Practice

The Program

We have recently introduced a new Public Speaking program where we can provide speakers to run talks and demonstrations for local clubs, societies, and organizations.


Scientology contains a wealth of practical knowledge and tools which can be applied in life to improve conditions in a person’s life and the world around him. Subjects include communication skills, relationships, raising children, the workplace, finances, administration, art, health, and the mind. Within each subject area there are a range of tools, drills, and procedures which can be used by everyday people in everyday situations.

Some example subject areas and topics which can be included are listed below:

Communication Skills

  • The Communication Formula
  • Two Way Communication
  • How to Achieve Agreement with People
  • Dealing with Difficult People


  • Money and Economics De-mystified
  • The Principles of Exchange
  • Financial Planning
  • Handling Debts

Secrets of the Human Mind

  • The Two Parts of the Mind
  • Why You React Without Thinking
  • Compulsions, Aversions, and Phobias
  • Psychosomatic Illness



Speakers can usually be arranged for weekday evenings and weekend afternoons, and will cover the Poole/Bournemouth area. We may be able to accommodate other times and places further afield by special arrangement – please talk to us and we will see what we can arrange.

There is no charge for these services, but we are a Church and are financed entirely by donations, and for venues further afield we would appreciate a contribution towards covering expenses.

If you are interested then please use our Contact Us page and let us know who you are, what you do, what subjects you are interested in, when, and where. You can use the email form or give us a call if you prefer. You can even call in to our premises for a face to face chat, though a phone call first would help.