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There are many short services which we provide free of charge so that anybody who is interested in Scientology can find out more about what it is, how it works, and learn some useful tools which they can immediately start putting to use in life.

Free Personality Test


Most of our lives we’ve been taught to believe that personality is a genetic trait that cannot be changed, and that you just have to “deal with it.” This simply is not true. The fact is, you can change your personality and become a much better, happier version of yourself that faces and conquers the challenges of life with knowledge and ease—the real you.

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Free Talks and Demonstrations

“What is Dianetics”

A short talk and video presentation explaining the fundamentals of the mind and how Dianetics can help a person gain more control over it.

Tuesday evening, 7:30pm

The Scientology Handbook: Tools for Life - DVD“Tools for Life”

A series of short talks with video presentations taken from the ‘Scientology Handbook Tools For Life’ DVD. Subjects include:

  • How to Achieve Understanding
  • Communication
  • The Emotional Tone Scale
  • Assists for Illness and Injury
  • Children
  • Marriage

… and many more.

Wednesday evening, 7:30pm

Talk at a Southampton Dental Practice

Talk at a Southampton Dental Practice

Other times, other places?

Can’t make the times above?

Want to book a talk for your club or organization?

Please see our Public Speaking Program for details on how you can book a speaker to come and talk at your venue.

Free Auditing Demonstration

Dianetics Auditing

Dianetics Auditing

Dianetics Auditing is a unique form of counselling which helps a person overcome the painful and traumatic events which may still affect them in life. It can free one from the chains of the past and also improve a person’s memory, reactions, health, moods, and general outlook on life.

Dianetics Auditing is very simple to learn and to apply, and people are encouraged to learn it for themselves and twin up with a friend and apply it to each other. Alternatively, professional auditing is available at an hourly rate.

To book a free demonstration session, please contact us.

To find out more about learning these techniques for yourself, please see the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar page.

Free Assists Demonstration

Assists are simple processes which anyone can learn. They are designed to help alleviate pain and assist healing, and can be applied to any injury or illness or any traumatic experience.

Obviously, we are not doctors, and proper first aid and competent medical treatment is essential in the handling of any serious illness or injury. However, addressing the mental or spiritual effects attendant upon any trauma, illness, or injury can markedly help in the recovery process.

To book a free demonstration or to find out more about how you can learn this simple technology, please contact us.