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Gulf Coast Detoxification Program

An L. Ron Hubbard Detoxification Program was set up to help the rescue and clean-up workers, fishermen and civilians to recover from the horrendous effects of the chemicals they were exposed to during the clean up of the BP oil spill.

‘Assists for Illness and Injuries’ video – Scientology Handbook

Here is the latest video from the Scientology Handbook DVD – Assists for Illness and Injuries. In Scientology, an assist is an action undertaken to help a person confront physical difficulties. If a child has fallen and hurt himself, an assist can help him overcome the trauma.  If a person has a toothache or has [...]

‘Integrity and Honesty’ video – Scientology Handbook DVD

What causes people to withdraw from life?

A carefree child grows reserved and wary as a teenager. A successful career woman who leaves one personal relationship after the other suffers from lack of self-esteem. A retired man looks back at his life with regret over the choices he made.

There is a reason for these all-too-common scenarios.